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Sat Apr 7,2018 08:46 AM

Hi guys me and my friends need urgent help please!! T^T

We're from session May 2018 but our music teacher doesn't know how to submit our final files properly so the DP Coordinator is asking it from us directly but we're unsure about any specific requirements that the IB wants such as file types for recording (WAV/MP3/etc.) and how the files should be named. Basically how EVERYTHING should be formatted because our teacher doesn't know jack - seriously... :')

I read from an IB music guide (don't know if it's up-to-date though) that, "The final submissions (recordings, scores, written reflective statements) must be headed with the name and candidate session number of the student and the correct title of the work." I found it odd that we should include our names because IB tries to avoid that in all the other subjects?

Please reply if you have any knowledge regarding this for any of the assignments: composing, performing, and MLI. By Monday 9th April preferably aaaaa T^T

Thank you in advance guys!!
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Fri May 4,2018 06:17 PM

Maybe im too late but I submitted all my audio files as MP3 and they need to be up to or under 10Mb...all written files as PDF. I dont know what to head the files as, i named them the pieces that they were (for performing and MLI)

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