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Wed Apr 4,2018 10:44 PM

So yeah I literally had to finish the conclusion so I was almost done with it, so I started closing some other papers and webs and accidentally I deleted my whole corrected IA by accident. I’m about to take 5 valiums idk what to do

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Thu Apr 5,2018 03:43 AM

What system were you typing on? Usually there is a way to undo...
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Thu Apr 5,2018 10:09 AM

@Go to bin??
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Fri Apr 6,2018 02:00 PM

@Mac or Windows?
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Mon Apr 9,2018 03:58 AM

There is a program called autopsy that will scan your hard drive and recover EVERYTHING on it. If this happened recently, your computer has not overwritten the file yet, and will still have it. This program will recover it.
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Sat Apr 21,2018 06:51 AM

If it is a macroeconomic internal, can u send me the link of the article u based ur IA on ??!!! Please
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Sat Apr 21,2018 06:53 AM


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