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Mon Apr 2,2018 01:24 PM


My TOK teacher won’t answer my emails and the presentation is in a week.

I have no idea how to come up with a knowledge claim, and all of the example structures for presentations say just to ”state your knowledge claim for AOK/WOK”. I have a KQ, ”To what extent does emotion derived from photographs affect the way historical knowledge is perveived?”, but can’t develop that into claims.

Any ideas how to do this and how I could include Emotion, Sense perception and then History as an AOK?

ANY help is appreciated I’m so so lost and hopeless!
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Mon Apr 2,2018 03:56 PM

Just ask your teacher in school. You have a week
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Mon Apr 2,2018 06:15 PM

The chances of me seeing him are limited as we have exam week before the presentation and no TOK exam
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Tue Apr 3,2018 02:42 AM

what is your real life situation?
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Tue Apr 3,2018 05:14 PM

A knowledge claim could simply be that emotion from photographs does not change the way knowledge is perceived (I might be wrong)

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