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Sun Mar 18,2018 11:32 PM

I am in History of the Americas and I need some help with historiography. My teacher literally never went over historians with us so I was wondering if anyone can give me some quick tips. Does anyone have key historians and schools of thought to use (for events like the Cold War, U.S. Civil War, Independence movements, etc.)? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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Mon Mar 19,2018 04:03 PM

It’s the same case for me we never discussed historians in class, so you have to do your own research.
For Cold War I have stuck with the following and I use them in my essays:
Mike bower
Michael Hart
Melvyn Leffler
David rees (Korean war specifically)
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Wed Mar 21,2018 12:49 AM

@aye.bee thank you for those historians, for research did you just search up their arguments/ideas online and take notes?
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Fri May 4,2018 07:36 AM

doesn't your history book have some?

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