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Sun Mar 18,2018 11:08 AM

Anyone know what the grade boundaires for lang/lit sl for the IOC are? Specifically what would be a min/max for a 6 and for a 7? Thanks
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Sun Mar 18,2018 11:47 AM

It doesn’t really matter because at the end of the day they take the overall average from each component. They’re gonna take your score out of 30, not the fact that you got a 6 or 7 out of 7
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Sun Mar 18,2018 08:46 PM

those boundaries will only be released in july after your results, anyway
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Mon Mar 19,2018 12:47 AM

@juliadabrowska a pleasant surprise to see a familiar name pop up in the app. thank you for still contributing and helping out current students!
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Wed Mar 21,2018 11:50 PM

@azouev no problem - i mean sometimes IB problems become a good memory/distraction when faced with the challenges of uni :)

+ IB kids, it only gets harder lol so enjoy it

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