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Thu Mar 17,2016 03:56 AM

Besides your own religion/belief system that you worship under currently, what is your favorite religion?
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Thu Mar 17,2016 04:11 AM

Gilead State Religion ;)
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Thu Mar 17,2016 11:56 AM

it's hard to have a favourite religion that is not your own religion hahah :)
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Thu Mar 17,2016 01:07 PM

it is, but it isn't. personally, mine is therevada Buddhism
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Mon Mar 21,2016 03:58 PM

Christianity , I believe it's the most logical and true belief system , as long as Jesus is in the picture as ones savior , all is good :)
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Tue Mar 29,2016 11:19 PM

i guess they don't count as religions anymore or something, but I really like the ancient religions, such as Egyptian, greek, roman, etc haha
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Wed Mar 30,2016 10:59 PM

a polytheistic religion, they're cool
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Sat Apr 2,2016 08:35 PM

yes the Greek mythologies! I love studying it cuz they have so many cool stories
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Mon Apr 25,2016 08:35 PM

I think Islam will be good choice because it's an organization religion
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Wed Apr 27,2016 11:03 PM

A religion where God is merciful, loves anyone without discrimination, is a true "dad" and is always there for you when you need and when you don't need, where God is more than a distant belief, like a Dad that is there if we fail or fall! A God that no matter how bad we hurt him , He will always forgive us! There is no tastes in religions i guess , because if so we were being selfish and only caring for our selfs and we would match probably with the religion that most appealed to the most primitives stimulus! I'm Catholic, and this is my opinion! Sorry for the long post! But i saw that it didn't had a word limit, which is awesome! I have many friends of others religions which is awesome because we all get along pretty well and we like to discuss this kind of topics!
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Thu Apr 28,2016 12:42 AM

Either Zoroastrianism or Confucianism
Patrick Gilvary
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Tue May 3,2016 12:02 PM

Islam is pretty cool.
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Tue May 3,2016 04:48 PM

Personally I'm agnostic about the belief/existence of God. But I'm not religious at all because I believe religion and God don't have much of a correlation haha.
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Tue May 17,2016 09:08 PM

Christianity, Catholicism
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Sun May 22,2016 03:22 PM

Buddhism is great. All around peaceful and tolerant religion
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Thu Oct 6,2016 08:09 PM

I am a progressive, left-wing libertarian Christian. I love Christianity and I think its great, because it has been getting good updates from society and became more up to date with 21st century morality (is this good? debatable). Anyway, of course some of god's horrible fan club (right wing, extreme anti-liberal and anti-accepting Christians who keeps on hating African Americans, Jews and reason) are ruining this, but overall its good-but I am very biased. If Christianity didn't exist, I would have to say that Islam is my runner up. Then Buddhism. Then Judaism, because I don't like how Judaism discriminates against anyone not Jewish.

Anyway, its debatable. This is a quick perspective/rant. Thanks for reading.
See this site for details.
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Thu Apr 12,2018 01:51 PM

Atheism. Why should I worship an invisible god?
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Thu Nov 8,2018 10:08 AM

I am a Roman Catholic myself
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Sun Dec 30,2018 08:57 PM

Roman-Greek gods; I know is a dead religion but still cool.

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