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Wed Mar 7,2018 09:31 AM

Okay so recently I had to write an essay for my history class ; today my teacher gave me some feedback and he mentioned that I have a bit of a tendency to write my essay like a narrative, rather than a structured argument.

I’m going to speak to my history teacher in our next class but, in the mean time, do any of you have tips that can help you stray from writing your essays like a narrative? I really want to discontinue this habit, however, I’m not really sure how to start... and I can definitely benefit from some of your wisdom!!

Thanks :)

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Wed Mar 7,2018 02:03 PM

Would like to hear a answer as well which is more generous towards essays rather than just history. Have the same problem
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Wed Mar 7,2018 05:16 PM

The best advice in this case would be writing a plan prior to writing the essay. Let’s suppose the topic of the essay is “To what extent were Mao’s economic policies successful?” Your plan could be something like this:

Paragraph 1. Introduction (talk here about when Mao came to power, about Mao in general, show some historic knowledge about him here, then move to the main part with a phrase: “In this essay, I will analyze the extent, to which Mao’s economic policies were successful.

Then goes the essay’s body. Here you present your arguments. It could be something like that:

Paragraph 2. (Argument 1) First Five-Year Plan (describe it. End the paragraph with the conclusion on whether it was successful)

Paragraph 3. (Argument 2) The Great Leap Forward. (The same for this Argument)

Paragraph 4. Conclusion. Conclude everything written above and answer the essay question.

Hope that’ll help! ;)
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Wed Mar 7,2018 09:32 PM

I use a PEE structure. Like so:
P: Point: Make a point that is directly linked to the question, e.g. Mao's economic policies enabled him to gain public support
E: Example: give an example of an economic policy that have him public support (SPECIFIC EXAMPLE, even better with numbers)
Explain: explain how this example illustrates your point and link back to the question
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Thu Mar 8,2018 07:46 AM

@yohan65 You are not asked here to discuss public support. You should only talk about economic successes, but your structure is correct, I also use it for arguments
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Thu Mar 8,2018 02:40 PM

my teacher says i write the essays in a descriptive way and I want to change as well :)

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