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Sat Mar 3,2018 02:48 PM


I recently applied to an IB school.
Now they ask me to choose my subjects.
As I wanna be an engineer, is this range of subjects as HL mentioned in the title doable?
Who does this? What do you think?

Thanks guys
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Sat Mar 3,2018 06:54 PM

Yeah its doable but it is significantly harder to score high with these courses than if you took their SL counterparts. But I mean thats not the point of education, so if you think you'll enjoy the courses, do it!
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Sat Mar 3,2018 07:44 PM

Thank you very much Aamir! Could someone who does it or one of the 3 subjects tell me how is it?
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Sat Mar 3,2018 10:36 PM

I’m in all 3 as HLs and it is doable. Just be ready to work hard
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Sat Mar 3,2018 10:49 PM

I take all three at HL and I think it is doable if you are inclined towords learning concepts quickly and being good at applying them as well as willing to work hard.
However, I do not think you need all three at HL, even for engineering, two at HL would be more than enough (though I think having all of them in a combination of SL and HL can be good since they play into the same thinking skills) Lastly; good teachers are super important in these subjects (especially chemistry) so if you know somwrhibg about the different teachers who usually have the subject take that into account.
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Mon Mar 5,2018 02:32 PM

I take all three of these + Economics at HL, at it is a lot of work I wont sugarcoat it, but that doesn’t make it impossible. As long as you yourself enjoy these subjects, it won’t be much of an issue, just make sure that you’re ready to put in effort and time for these subjects. Chemistry is vert extensive and has a lot of material, though I feel it’s not very difficult. Whereas Physics and Maths really require your to be a critical thinker, and think outside the box. Material is a lot harder in these subjects. Though, nonetheless, it’s manageable at the end of the day, if you enjoy these subjects and are ready to put time and effort into these subjects. If you deem it to be too much on you, you can always drop one of them to SL and switch one of your other subjects to HL
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Thu Mar 8,2018 03:43 AM

It’s definitely doable, I’m currently in all of those and I think I’m surviving pretty well. It definitely takes a lottttt of work to do well, and if you’re looking for an easy route to the diploma I’d stay away from it at all costs, but if you’re genuinely interested in the courses and challenging yourself as well as have the time to commit yourself to it then they are definitely possible.
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Mon Apr 9,2018 03:22 PM

My friend does HL Math, Physics, and Chemistry. If she can do it, you can do it too. She advises that for physics you must check that you wrote down the correct number of significant figures for your answer.

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