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Sat Mar 3,2018 06:32 AM

I just got told who my EE supervisor is & i am so dead... i know she is completely useless. will this affect me a lot? what i'm basically asking is, can i do this alone & get an A? (FYI: i'm doing bio EE)
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Sun Mar 4,2018 02:43 AM

I am in the exact same position. My EE supervisor could care less. I’ll be following any answers to this...
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Sun Mar 4,2018 03:41 PM

Yeah you should be able to do fine especially because it’s a science EE
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Tue Mar 6,2018 10:57 AM

Get help from friends and other teachers who know what they’re doing. We had kids like this. Just make sure you’re on top of all your work and collaborate what your teacher tells you with others. Rip you on that bio EE though. Science IA was bad enough
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Fri Apr 6,2018 10:44 AM

@You should be allowed to take help from your science teachers... If they're the approachable kind they could proof read it or fact check it for you.
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Fri Apr 6,2018 10:44 AM

@Also, referring to a past A scoring EEs as examples and mimicking aspects of it like the formatting and style of writing may assist your EE

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