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Fri Feb 23,2018 03:36 PM

how do yall come up with a good knowledge question and stuff? and then talk about it for 10 minutes?
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Fri Feb 23,2018 08:03 PM

Pick a personal real life situation that you find interesting. For example, maybe something about your religion, your country's politics, a famous quote or something you learnt in your other courses.

Identify the knowledge issue in this situation and derive a question(s) from it. Your presentation should start by explaining your real life situation and how you derived your knowledge question.

Then you form three points + counterclaims to explore/answer your question. Its good to incorporate multiple perspectives/ways of answering the question.

And then you do your conclusion, in which you answer the question and discuss its implications. Pick two other real life situations to which your knowledge issue can be applied.

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