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Tue Feb 20,2018 10:25 AM

I am finding it hard to create a more detailed and specific research question. "How does social media affect the mental health of adolescents?". My EE is based on the subject of Psychology would it be possible for any subjections or help. Thank you :)
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Tue Feb 20,2018 11:21 AM

Specify which social media platform like insta .snap...
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Tue Feb 20,2018 12:47 PM

Which type of behavior?
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Fri Feb 23,2018 05:00 PM

That’s a too broad research question... which type of social media and behaviour are you researching about? Imagine you are studying internet-based social media and its relation to sexist behaviour on teenagers. Then, your RQ could be “To what extent does internet-based social media promote sexist behaviour on teenagers?” or something similar. You could specify what age range you are studying too. I hope I helped you.

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