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Sun Feb 18,2018 10:36 PM

Hello! I’m thinking of doing the IB-programme, but there are very few schools that offer it in my country. The one I want to go to offer it, but they don’t offer the subjects I want to do in the IB. I would like to take psychology, business & manegement, dance or visual arts, and sports health and science, buuut none of those I mentioned are offered. They only have Physics and Chemistry from the science group and I don’t want to take any of them. I think its kinda unfair that you could only do IB if u wanna take the only subjects the school is offering, especially since my school don’t offer the IB subjects I need for my further education. What can I do?
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Sun Feb 18,2018 11:02 PM

As someone who comes from a school where there are extremely limited options, I say that you should go ahead and take the classes that you don’t necessarily want to take. Although they might not seem exciting, it may end up being more beneficial in the long run. For instance, my school only offers chemistry, physics, and biology for science and we have made the best of of the situation given, knowing that we might not have to take those classes in the future. Hope this was helpful
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Mon Feb 19,2018 02:06 PM

Self stud them at the school. Hard but possible
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Fri Feb 23,2018 04:11 PM

In my school, we can only choose between VA and music, and biology and chemistry. Even we can’t choose which subjects we want to take SL or HL in. So really, we’re just learning whatever they give us but it turns out to be a good option too, i mean rather than the normal curriculum
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Mon Feb 26,2018 12:57 AM

You could check out Pamoja witch is an online classroom for IB

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