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Sun Feb 18,2018 03:56 PM

Hi guys,

So I do both English and psychology at HL and am really confused between choosing either of the two for writing my EE on. If any of you guys have some experience about this or know which one I have more scope in doing better in then please let me know. Idk if this helps but we just had our mid-year exams and I got a 7 in psych and 6 in English
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Wed Feb 21,2018 11:26 PM

Hi! When I was choosing I had the same dilemma but I ended up choosing english. Even though i really enjoyed the development of my extended essay, the criteria that the examiners assess the essays are much more vague and less straightforward than in psychology, or that's at least what I think. At the end of the day, find a topic that you feel passionate for and see where it fits best

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