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Sun Feb 18,2018 08:36 AM

Lmao my CAS Coordinator didn’t tell us what exactly can be classified as a CAS project so pls tell me I’m lost ;-;
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Wed Feb 21,2018 11:32 PM

As far as I understand, you have to gather up with some friends as a group, contact a nonprofit organization and find a way to help them incorporating action and creativity
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Fri Feb 23,2018 03:48 PM

same i’m struggling with it, but as far as i know you have to do a CAS in a bigger scale, if you’ve volunteered in an event before just imagine that you’re being the leader of that event and providing service for other people. the easiest projects I’ve seen was to contact NPO and make a donation around school, make your own campaign, and make a class
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Fri Jul 6,2018 01:25 PM

@huajin In my school for CAS personal project we have to make an activity that involves all three CAS (creativity, activity and service) you can do it alone or in group, for example a group of friends of my class as their CAS project they decided to ask all the school to say hi when you walk by a person, like it could do anything including the three letters

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