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Sun Feb 18,2018 06:34 AM

Ya know how we’re supposed to have a supervisor for CAS. What if like you want to draw at home? Or cook or go on a walk? The thingo said that we can’t have family or friends as our supervisor so what am I supposed to do for CAS activities that don’t really require a ‘professional’ supervisor person idk help ;-;
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Sun Feb 18,2018 10:42 AM

@In my case, CAS activities as such require photographic evidence. Talk through with your CAS coordinator if that is acceptable.
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Sun Feb 18,2018 02:08 PM

For Action hours, I did a lot of my stuff on my own at home, so my CAS coordinator said that I could keep a fitness log and just show the school nurse once or twice a week. This way I can do stuff on my own at home, but the nurse is my supervisor because I meet with her and discuss my Action hours.

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