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Sun Feb 18,2018 04:28 AM

Ever since 3rd grade i’ve been in ib and now i have decided to join the dp program next year! i just wanted to ask some current/former dp students if my choices are good or if anyone has any advice on these subjects. Also if anyone has study guides or review items i would truly appreciate it so i don’t have to pay so much for some online! Thank you!

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HL English Lang + Lit
HL Math
HL History of the Americas
HL Physics
SL Biology
SL Spanish
SL World Religions
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Sun Feb 18,2018 03:32 PM

Wait what? 4HLs and 3SLs = 7 subjects. Take only the required 6 please
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Mon Feb 19,2018 12:21 PM

Yes and also it depends on what you want to study in university
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Mon Feb 19,2018 03:36 PM

for study guides look up ib reddit ->templerknight. hav all resources i think
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Tue Feb 20,2018 12:42 AM

those are all my classes to take for the next two years. i’m taking sl bio and sl world religions because i don’t want to do an art

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