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Fri Feb 16,2018 01:05 PM

Hey guys,

Anyone know if i need to make up a KQ based on the prescribed title, or if i should just use a rephrased question based on the title?

My deadline is really close, and i dont even know if i should have a KQ and if so, how detailed it should be
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Fri Feb 16,2018 05:51 PM

@Yeah you should make a KQ out of your chosen prescribed title! It's just like any other KQ so make sure it's rather general but still has some essence of the prescribed question. Don't forget to answer both of them in your conclusion too. I find it hard to balance between answering two questions in a single essay so I do this big TOK discussion part after I've explained all of my RLSs. The TOK essay structure can easily deviate from the usual 1-3-1 essay though as long as it's still cohesive.Hope this helps :)

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