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Thu Feb 15,2018 04:53 PM

The whole reason for ToK is to instill critical thinking (a vital skill) in you and I think the side effects are questioning of religion.

If you are leaving Islam because of this, you probably never had much belief in the first place.
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Thu Feb 15,2018 04:57 PM

think most TOK teachers really dislike teaching the RKS section of TOK. I usually do a short module on the basic pro/con arguments historically for the existence of God, but mostly I am interested in the elements of the Knowledge Framework. NInian Smart's 7 Dimensions of Religion is a good framework to look at, since it tries to make systematic distinctions about the aspects of religious experience which might lead to knowledge claims. However, it is important to distinguish between the methodologies of NS and RKS, since their claims overlap, and to examine the role which centralized authority and subjective experience play in shaping religious knowledge claims. In point of fact, those methods are in conflict with science, so we can't just say "everyone is entitled to their own opinion" and be relativistic about it. We have to pick one, and defend our choices, or at least articulate which aspects we think can coexist. I can see why this makes people uncomfortable, but it is essential to an intellectually honest assessment of knowledge.
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Thu Feb 15,2018 05:00 PM

Regardless of whether one did or did not have much faith in the first place, does not really affect the outcome in the end. Studying TOK in short helps provide the critical thinking skills allowing you to evaluate claims in a rational manner. The amount of faith you had in the beginning only affects how fast the process of criticizing any religion goes. Finally, I want to point out that while the IB is meant to be an international program with the same syllabus everywhere for all courses, it is inevitable that TOK might be taught differently in every school, and sometimes it might taught differently for a reason. Think about that.

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Fri Feb 16,2018 11:47 AM

The possible reason why the teaching of TOK varies based on where you are. Im assuming that you are studying in a country where Islam is viewed as a minority religion which causes the TOK teachings in your school to not correspond with your beliefs. In my case, I study in a country where religion is an extremely sensitive topic and my TOK teacher, avoids including religion in our discussions. But then again, TOK does not teach you about which religion is the true one so it is based on how much faith you have to begin with. Because if your faith to your religion is strong, you would be able to deal with what you learn from TOK and what you know about your beliefs and not let it create any doubts about it.
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