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Thu Feb 15,2018 04:51 PM

I am Muslim but I feel as if I cannot believe anymore because all TOK questions are targeted at religion.

isn't TOK dangerous for religious culture? How do I cope with this. I want to believe but I can't anymore because of TOK..

TOK is changing my world values how do I make it stop? I want to continue being Muslim but I can't????
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Thu Feb 15,2018 04:56 PM

You should believe whatever it is that you think is true. If your sense of logic and reason drives you to no longer believe in religion, then you should give up religion. If your sense of faith in your god is strong enough that you believe in them in spite of whatever else you see or hear, then you should continue believing. But there's no sense in lying to yourself. No sense saying you believe in something that you don't have the heart for just because you "want" to believe. There are many highly intelligent religious people, and many highly intelligent atheists. There is a correlation between intelligence and a-religiosity, but that doesn't mean that your choice either way has any bearing on your own intelligence, the correlation is merely an artefact of large groups: it doesn't work on the individual level.

However, if you do believe that ToK is dangerous for religious culture, it might be because deep down you believe that religion only works if not questioned. Because ToK is all about questioning beliefs. It doesn't seek to turn you atheist or turn atheists religious, merely to provide perspective.

If you want to discuss this more, there are a large number of potentially relevant subreddits inhabited by people who would love to help you out.
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Fri Feb 16,2018 03:20 AM

Here’s what I would do. Listen to what TOK has to say, but don’t take most of it seriously. Look at your religion and remember why you believe in it and what makes it special to you. TOK makes you analyze everything, but you can’t let that change you if you don’t want it to.
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Fri Feb 16,2018 10:44 AM

Its all about how strong you have faith on your religion. Practicing and understanding the religion more would strengthen your faith, and would allow you to overcome the doubts that you have in your mind caused by TOK. I am also a Muslim and sometimes, I feel that nothing in the world matters because I know that I have religion and faith holding my back. To me, it acts like my conscious because I see it as the instructions to live life. If you want to continue believing Islam, I say to focus more on religion more than you do in TOK and have a mindset in your mind that nothing could change that. But if you still have doubts, you probably do not understand the religion as much that makes you question it and not have faith on it anymore.
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Wed Feb 28,2018 03:04 AM

It's easy to feel uncomfortable, my TOK teacher made the whole second month of the class Crash Course Sunday School for six different religions
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Fri Mar 9,2018 08:05 PM

TOK is just theory of knowledge. It's called thinking and it should not be oppressed just as religious freedom should not be oppressed! Any opinions expressed are neither correct nor Incorrect unless they are unlawful. The point of TOK is to make you question what is true and why you think it is true. You would do this naturally: she told me this, how credible is she? If it makes you doubt your religion because what you practise is harmful to others or yourself, then listen to the reasonings and question what you know. If not, then believe what you want, no one has the right to say otherwise! If however your teacher or classmates outright shame you or your religion then consult the school! Other wise just know that evaluating the basis of your beliefs neither proves nor disproves your belief in it. I don't believe that absolute truth exists outside of nature.

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