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Tue Feb 13,2018 09:50 PM

So I have a problem with filling out the PPD for my TOK presentation. I have a useless TOK teacher, basically no one at my school knows what the fuck TOK is. I got 8 at my presentation which is not bad, but compared to the others I feel I deserved better (a lot of people got 10/10 even though even their KQs were wrong). But the main problem is that no one knows what to write in the PPD. The situation is so bad, that in previous years people who got 10/10 or 9/10 got 3/10 due to the moderation and their PPDs. I know that teachers make mistakes while grading but that’s one hell of a downgrade.

So my question is: what to focus on in the PPD? What tips do your teachers give you? Do you have any great examples?

please help

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