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Thu Feb 1,2018 11:37 PM

hello! I'm a 12th grade student at an IB school in Kentucky. I wanted to get some dialogue started around careers and future plans, scary as these things may be. What are your job and career aspirations? Has IB helped you figure out what you want to do with your life? What do you hope to accomplish in your life? what's your dream college/uni?? (getting a bit TOK, aren't I)

I'll start. I want to enter the diplomatic service and travel as much as i can. i would love to be an ambassador or diplomat. i also love art, music, film, and writing, but i'm not sure i want to depend on my passions for money because that could take away the fun. how about you guys?
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Fri Feb 2,2018 07:14 AM

Hi! I would love to study vet science or zoology in the university of Queensland and be a vet in the future!
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Fri Feb 2,2018 11:28 AM

@I'm going to major in music composition in Australia! Hopefully I can get into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Europe and US is too far away for my family since I live in Indonesia (but maybe I can go to Vienna for master's - fingers crossed!). IB didn't really help me find what I want to do in life but it is going to get me the entrance prerequisites for almost any uni which is nice XD I've always had interests in video games (it runs in the family) so it would be amazing if I could score game OSTs even if it's only for indie games. If all of the above doesn't work out imma go into psychology research ^^"
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Fri Feb 2,2018 12:16 PM

im aiming for a career focusing on astrophysics, so im applying to physics bachelors in several universities and even got accepted by a few!! im also considering turkey, because our economy as a whole country is terrible and isnt enough to support an overseas education. there honestly arent any job opportunities for physics and astrophysics over here, so im going to go with engineering. either way i’ll be doing phd and masters on astrophysics. my future job opportunities are completely unclear but ib opened so many doors for me and it is only appropriate for me to benefit from them!!
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Fri Feb 2,2018 04:56 PM

It depends where you want to work and where/what you want and can study. The IB prepares you to study anywhere you want if you get a good score. It then depends on financing and ability to study there. With the right university you can do anything you want as well. There are many engineers who went into business's so what you study doesn't matter asking as you can apply it to the job. If you want to work in a small town in the US (don't know how big Kentucky is :,). Only know it from KFC :)) then anything should be possible.

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