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Thu Feb 1,2018 11:27 PM

Hi! I am probably going to use a binder and whole punched papers for my CAS reflection space, but everyone at my school does that and I'm not feeling quite satisfied with doing the same thing as everyone else. I was thinking about keeping notebooks but my handwriting is very messy so that plan fell through.
Any ideas for an easy, original reflection space for CAS?
What are you using to reflect on CAS, and are you writing by hand or typing?
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Fri Feb 2,2018 11:19 AM

@My school has everyone do the binder with hole-punched papers thing. I write logsheets so I can get my supervisor's signature right after that CAS session to prevent procrastination but I type my reflections. Maybe you can write a blog? Blogspot is an easy blog maker I've used a couple of times in middle school. Haven't used it in a while though so I don't know if there are big changes to it.

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