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Thu Feb 1,2018 11:20 PM

Hi guys! I'm new on here. I'm in 12th grade at an IB school in Kentucky and I applied to a lot of colleges. I want to know where you guys applied. Maybe we'll see each other next year! Here's an abridged version of my Very Long List. Brown, Barnard, Smith, Wellesley, Oberlin, Swarthmore, UVA, Yale, Princeton, Harvard. Applying to colleges was stressful and I'm so glad it's over now, and i'm here for anyone who wants to talk or needs tips. Feel free to use this forum to vent and connect. I hate college confidential so i don't want this to be like that- no competition or bitterness here please.
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Fri Feb 2,2018 05:01 PM

I applied to U.K.: bath kings Warwick Edinburgh and Manchester. For US: North Western, NYU and Case Western. For Germany: WHU, LMU, EBS, Frankfurt School of Finance, Mannheim. For Italy: Bocconi. For Switzerland: wanted St.Gallen but they require a specific set of IB courses in general of which 1 of mine didn't fit. As you see US is not the only country in this world which has great universities ;)
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Applied to - Babson College - WISH
- [ ] 2) University of Indianapolis - Bloomington.
- 3) Drexel University - EASY
- [ ] 4) Southern Methodist University - EASY
- [ ] 5) Syracuse University - WISH
- [ ] 6) University of Rochester - DREAM
- [ ] 7) University of Wisconsin-Madison - WISH
- [ ] 8) University of Illinois at Chicago -

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