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Mon Jan 29,2018 02:05 AM

Are in text citations included in the word count of the Extended essay?
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Mon Jan 29,2018 05:39 AM

Nope :) There are a couple of other things not included in the word count too. Attached is the part regarding word count from my school's guide to the EE. Hope it helps!
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Mon Jan 29,2018 05:52 AM

@Ah man sorry I don't know if the image attached properly or not so I typed it out here.
Things NOT included in the word count:
- Table of contents
- Tables
- Maps, charts, diagrams, and annotated illustrations including their accompanying caption or heading (if any of these include commentary or analysis, the words are counted within the word limit)
- Equations, formulas, and calculations
- Citations/references (whether parenthetical, numbered, footnotes, or endnotes)
- Bibliography/works cited

Things included IN the word count:
- Introduction, body, conclusion
- Quotations
- Footnotes and/or endnotes that are not references.

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