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Sun Jan 28,2018 10:55 PM

Hello Everyone!

I am a Sophmore this year, and I picked my courses for next year. Which are as following ;
Physics HL
Computer Science HL
Math SL
Economics HL
English Lang. Lit SL
German Lang. Lit SL

I am debating on taking Math HL or not because this year my teacher is not so great, so I am shy of taking Math HL next year, but nevertheless, I want to pursue Math HL. Is it really hard, as many say, or can one do good in it?

Also, I want to prepare for Math SL if I take HL or SL, doesn't matter, and I went to Amazon to buy the book but there are several. Which is the right book, Oxford or Barrons?

Thanks in advance.
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Mon Jan 29,2018 02:20 AM

@I have note packs available for math sl and econ hl if you are interested. Email me at and i can send you some previews
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Mon Jan 29,2018 10:02 AM

I’m doing math HL! I tell you it’s not difficult but you need to study math every day at least one hour! It’s a matter of exercising! If you exercise you succeed otherwise you end up getting all 2! I had a shitty teacher as you the last two years still I have 5 in math. If I were you I would firstly find out which subjects your future University accepts and which doesn’t and then you decide the course! Cheers
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Tue Jan 30,2018 10:24 PM

@sleptking Thanks a lot. @matte.marlets so with the right teacher a 7 is reachable? Because most Universities I want to go to require a 7 in Math H
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Fri Feb 9,2018 12:55 PM

take 4 hl's, and so you have some freedom. But don't drop math HL until the end of the first year

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