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Sun Jan 28,2018 05:13 PM


So we have just chosen our subject choices for IB Diploma and the following subjects are what I chose:

Chemistry HL
Biology HL
French B HL
Mathematics SL
Geography SL
English LangLit SL

I was just wondering if you have any advice for me to keep in mind. And if you take any of these subjects, please give recommendations or basically anything that would help me. Thank you!!
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Sun Jan 28,2018 06:52 PM

Take all the hl classes because it’ll be worth it in the end for college
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Mon Jan 29,2018 01:25 AM

The best advice i could give is follow the subject guides. For example in Biology, don’t focus on one book, read at least two and try to cover all the points mentioned in guide(don’t forget AHLs). Look through the past papers and question banks - they will help you to see if you understood what you’ve read. Same goes with chemistry, really. At first it may seem hard, but it will be really rewarding at the end! Just form your study habits from the beginning of IBDP and you’ll get used to the workload. Also, choose an interesting topic for your EE that you would like to spend a lot of time on, because if you choose a boring one (like I did), you will find it really difficult to write it, correct it etc., especially bc ee requires a lot of background reading. so don’t rush with that! Also, try to do as much as you can during the summer (not many do, so don’t worry).
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Mon Jan 29,2018 10:03 AM

If I were you I would firstly speak with the University in which you wanna go to in order to know which subjects they accept/don’t accept
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Fri Feb 9,2018 03:51 AM

@For chem and bio, read all of the assessment statements online. They are extremely useful. Also keep in mind that you absolutely have to know the key terms that they use. For example, in a definition, each point is awarded for a specific key word.

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