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Fri Jan 26,2018 08:42 PM

So I have my history exam next week, it’s paper 2 on the American civil war and its involvement in ww1 and ww2. Any tips on the best way to study history since it’s pure memorization?
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Tue Feb 6,2018 01:46 AM

With regards to paper 2's and 3's, structure your notes based on generic questions that come every year. This can be especially helpful nowadays when the IB questions themselves have become very general. For example, "Role of economy in an authoritarian ruler's rise to power in two authoritarian states" is an example of such question, paste your notes for these two rules, perspective/historiography/comparison between them. This can be very effective because once you're in the exam room, you don't have to think for an answer because you already know it.

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