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Thu Jan 25,2018 04:46 AM

Does anyone know the format for the Psych exam. The type of studies and how many total. Do we get to choose?

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Fri Mar 2,2018 10:00 AM

We have 3 papers in psychology HL.
Paper 1 ( 2 hours) - you need to write 3 SAQ’s for 8 marks each and answer one essay. This will come from BLOA, CLOA and SCLOA.
Paper 2 (1 hour) - you need to write one essay on abnormal psych/ human relationship etc
Paper 3 (1 hour)- this is a qualitative paper. You’ll get an extract from either an interview or observations study (check the textbook for what all can come) and you need to answer 3 questions on the extract which are for 10 marks each

You need to know approximately 2 studies in depth for an essay along with 2 supporting studies.
For SAQ’s you need only one study in depth.
For paper 3 nothing is needed.

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