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Sun Jan 21,2018 09:32 PM

Hi guys,
I have some question concerning the TOK essay. My topic is “”we know with confidence only when we know little, with knowledge doubt increases” discuss this statement with reference to two AOK.” The main structure of the body of the essay is: 1st AOK, counterclaim, 2nd AOK, counterclaim right?
My 1st question is: is my knowledge question the thesis of my essay? For example in topic 2 whether I agree or disagree with the statement that knowledge increases doubt?
The next questions: what are sub knowledge questions? Are they supposed to appear in the introduction or in the body? Are the sub KQ supposed to be for every paragraph of the body (for 2 AOKs and 2 counterclaims?) so 4 sub KQ in total?
3rd question: should I agree or disagree with the statement or can I be balanced?
And the last and final question: can you think of any sub KQ for this topic? I can’t think of anything and I have no idea what questions should I ask.

I really hope someone can help me, otherwise I don’t know what I’m going to do!
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Sun Jan 21,2018 09:45 PM

1. Yes your knowledge question is the thesis of your essay. It's basically a question made out of the prompt given. 2. You don't need subquestions except maybe rhetoric questions to provoke thinking but I wouldn't recommend doing that. 3. Do whatever you think the essay and your opinion and TOK would say is the answer.
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Sun Jan 21,2018 10:02 PM

@Sky thanks for your answer I was so confused because my TOK teacher is awful. Do you have any idea what sub KQ I could ask? Or just some examples of what sub KQ can look like. I have no clue
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Mon Jan 22,2018 05:49 PM

It may go as "to what extent is knowledge related to confidence and what type of relationship exists between these two values?"
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Mon Jan 22,2018 08:30 PM

@Palestinian_H Thank you so much!

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