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Fri Jan 19,2018 09:35 PM

I am debating between switching from psychology to economics. Is economics difficult to catch up on if I’ve already missed one WHOLE semester??? And which one is better?
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Fri Jan 19,2018 09:54 PM

Don't do it. Catching up on first semester (if it's micro Econ at you school) is hard
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Tue Jan 23,2018 09:58 AM

It depends what you want to study. You will need to do lots of reading if swapping to HL econ
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Wed Jan 24,2018 12:13 AM

Don't do it! Econ is really hard and unless you're crazy about the subject, you won't find it that interesting. Psychology might seem a bit hard at first, but once you dig into it, it will get better! If you want I can send you some of my notes to help you get a better grasp of the subject!

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