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Sun Jan 14,2018 05:09 PM

guys my Music MLI is due in a few days and I am completely lost as to finding two pieces to compare. I really want to do do something classical and western like Mozart or Beethoven but I don’t know what piece I could compare it to. Please share any ideas you may have!! Thank you so much

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Sun Jan 14,2018 06:38 PM

I am not taking DP music so I don’t know the parameters of what you need to be doing, but I do know music fairly well. If you mean western as in not from Europe, I would suggest “Different Trains” by Steve Reich, if you mean western as in cowboy western, I would suggest something by the Sons of the San Joaquin. I hope that helps at all.
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Sun Jan 14,2018 09:34 PM

Find a Mozart piece and look at its musical elements if u rly wanna do Mozart, then you could find a piece from a culture that has some of these elements. Try looking at world folk music, or just pick a country/style and investigate its music
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Sun Jan 21,2018 04:08 PM

try Mozart and a metal piece, like Confutatis and something by Rammstein

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