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Sat Jan 13,2018 05:32 PM

Hey! So I’m picking my courses for my senior year in high school. Since I’m done with TOK (it’s only one year in my school and a little bit during senior year) I have a free spot in my schedule.
Sooo... should I become a TA for Chemisty or take an Anatomy class. I want to be a pediatrician (doctor for kids)

Also keep in mind. I have my HL exams and IA’s next year.

Please help me figure out what I should do!!!!

Thank you!
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Sun Jan 14,2018 10:06 AM

Difficult decision, but as you want to be a doctor, I‘d suggest the anatomy class because that‘ll really help you when studying medicine
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Fri Jan 19,2018 06:32 PM

I’d ask around about how hard the class is. If it’s not to bad, anatomy seems like a good choice to become a doctor, but I would say being a TA would be easier, and you’ll probably have to learn the stuff about anatomy again in college anyways and go in more depth. Again, I’d ask about the teacher and stuff before deciding if it were me

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