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Sun Jan 7,2018 11:23 PM

I finished my IGCSEs this summer and im taking a PRE Ib year because in my school they extend the usual 2 year course into 3.
Im scared im slacking off too much, and that the content we are learning at school right nowisnt challenging enough and Im going to be drowning in workload next year.
My parents bought me a maths SL revision book, but its hard to study on your own when there isnt a teacher. Yet I feel the need to study ahead to be more productive with this excess time I have got, or to start thinking about CAS.

What is the best thing to do to prepare during this year? Is it a good idea to buy revision books and start pre studying subjects like Maths and Biology Im certain I will take next year???
What do you wish you had done before starting IB?

Thank you,
a fellow IB student :)
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Mon Jan 8,2018 12:58 AM

@kajsaa Being in only IBDP1 as of now, I can only give you so much advice. The best thing you can do for this year is to "get friendly with your planner" as they would say, also to relax a bit to get yourself in order before you start. This will help you to be on top of things and not lose track. Another tip is that you can start looking at what's expected of you by looking at IB websites such as:


These will help you. It helped me when I was in your shoes. For your next question, in my opinion, it's good to get a look at what's to come. So you buying books, I think, is a wonderful idea (I did the same). Finally, I wish I was on top of things with my planner. It's hard but it will save your butt when you least expect it. I wish you good luck when you start to when you finish!!! (I hope this helped)
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Mon Jan 8,2018 12:18 PM

I think buying the books ahead of time is a great idea! Also, if you’re planning on taking maths SL next year, then I really recommend starting on your own now since maths SL is very very fast paced. In terms of CAS, don’t worry about it now cuz next year is when u’ll get ideas of what u can do and hopefully ur school will help out. CAS isnt much to stress about. Read through some books and study math, but other than that just relax and learn how to manage time!
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Mon Jan 8,2018 02:45 PM

@I agree!
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@tamarair I agree!
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hi there! my school extends the ibdp into 6 years and so i have 4 foundational years and ease into the ib. every year it gets a little more stressful but now that im in year one of the actual ib years i can totally feel the use of those pre-ib years. whatever your school is going through in your pre ib years is to prepare you for ib SLOWLY, so as long as you are able to ace your pre ib years i'm sure you'll be alright! having said that, it doesn't then mean that if you're score really well this year ib will be a piece of cake :/ sadly, it just means that you'll be able to understand the rigour and the demands of ib!! maybe you could compare the syllabus that you're doing now to your actual ib years syllabus! the topics should be around the same! you could buy ib math/science books but i agree it is not easy without a teacher. you could try learning online (there are plenty if resources out there!) otherwise, i strongly encourage you to just see the direction of your school and plan from there! i'm sure your school knows what they're doing. if you're still paranoid and worried for ib then you could work ahead!

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