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Sun Jan 7,2018 01:11 AM

Im struggling with choosing me theme for visual arts. Im think witchcraft could be interesting or tea would be fun to explore but thats rather specific and i was told broader themes are best. What theme did yall choose for visual arts and what did you do with it?
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Sun Jan 7,2018 02:33 PM

For my visual arts, my theme is cityscape since i love travelling and looking at the buildings. my tips is do something that you love.
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Mon Jan 8,2018 07:26 PM

My art theme is chaos, on an individual scale and also world chaos which allows me to explore media, recent events, fairness, etc. but I’m mainly focusing on chaos, resistance, and inequality in my country at the moment (Palestine)
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Mon Jan 8,2018 07:29 PM

One of my classmates is focusing on development, and since we live in Dubai there’s a lot of primary evidence so she’s looking at buildings, and she will later go onto personal development, etc. the main thing when choosing your theme is that you can explore different types of arts and artistic movements while still having a cohesive body of work for your exhibition, and if you choose a broader theme that you find interesting you get more freedom and that way you wouldn’t be limited by it, instead it would help you generate ideas and concepts

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