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Fri Jan 5,2018 01:45 PM

What’s the odds a student gets caught faking a bit, emphasis on bit, of the data used. Like I’m doing a probability tree and asked my interviewee if he could give me the probabilities, expected revenue and costs of the project. The financial data was classified and he couldn’t estimate a probability. If I were to just add some fake but realistic values would it be noticeable?

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Fri Jan 5,2018 02:42 PM

No one will know if you faked data as long as it's realistic ;)
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Sun Jan 7,2018 01:16 AM

The odds are pretty low lets be real lmao they wont know if as said before its realistic
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Sun Jan 7,2018 03:07 PM

No it wouldn’t go do it
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Tue Jan 9,2018 02:00 AM

go do it!

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