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Wed Jan 3,2018 04:10 AM

Does anyone have an idea of a project that's related to photography?! At first i wanted to do this jungle trekking activity but the cost is too expensive.
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Wed Jan 3,2018 05:00 AM

You could do basically like a humans of new york style thing for your city to raise awareness for homeless/poor people in the city. That would be all three, creativity for the photography part, service for raising awareness, and activity for having to walk around everywhere.
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Wed Jan 3,2018 08:35 AM

thats a great idea! unfortunately, i did that for my cas experience
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Wed Jan 3,2018 12:10 PM

You can develop your CAS experience and make an exhibition in a city hall or something similar and donate the money you gathered to the people in need, you can also make a small “staff” group for your exhibition for other IB studens to be a CAS experience, that way it’ll be a CAS project. At least that’s what I did

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