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Fri Dec 29,2017 01:04 AM

So for my CAS project I'm essentially taking over for a yr 2 student who's graduating. Here's the basics:
I'll be working with a community service club at my school to decorate and set up mini-libraries around my town based on exchanging books and me restocking them as needed. It encompasses creative and service aspects of CAS, which is great, but my coordinator won't approve it unless I add to the project. That's where I'm stuck. So far for additions I have
1. Adding (donated/thrifted) documentaries to the libraries (and possibly audiobooks? Idk)
2. Taking poetry submissions from the community and posting them anonymously/with credit (per the submitter's request)
So yeah! Any critique/comments/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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Fri Dec 29,2017 08:27 PM

Maybe you could look into the design of the mini-libraries and see whether they need refurbishing, or look into some other design for them. For example classifying books depending on their theme or in alphabetical order. You could also add DVDs or CDs
I think the poetry submissions from your community is a brilliant idea, maybe don't just stick to poetry- there are people out there who write novels, short stories, tales, etc. :)

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