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Thu Dec 28,2017 07:00 PM

I currently have a 30 on my ACT looking for help bringing it to at least a 33, any tips or strategies you find helpful.
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Fri Dec 29,2017 05:39 PM

i got 34 and didnt read any of the science passages... i just read the questions, looked at the charts and graphs and stuff, then answered what i thought made the most sense. i think the best strategy is to find the most fetching lad or lass your age, then pretend youre getting a high score for them
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Sat Jan 6,2018 01:18 PM

Timing is everything. Doing a bunch of past papers under exam conditions will definitely help. If you can, you could buy the revision books. They’re expensive but worth it. And use a graphics display calculator for the maths sections - helps a lot

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