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Wed Dec 27,2017 06:13 PM

hey! I am interested in going into the sciences but at my school for IB
I am taking BIO and Chem but am only allowed to take one of them as an HL course
so based upon the work that comes with each course, the time needed, and how rigorous the course is in terms of the level of work, which is the better option as HL?
*I want to take the HL course that will help my marks and grade
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Wed Dec 27,2017 09:42 PM

You should check which HL subject is required for your target university/course. I’m currently in IB2, and I take both Chem and Bio HL. Chemistry HL heavily relies on Mathematics and even Physics, and there is a significant difference between HL and SL. Biology has less topics than Chemistry (14, Chem has 21, plus one option each), and is in my opinion a bit easier simply because it is mostly theory, whereas Chemistry is both theory and exercise (which can be quite tricky).
It all depends on your personal affinities, but definitely make sure to check Unis. Maybe talking to your teachers/councillors could help.
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Wed Dec 27,2017 11:34 PM

I started the IB earlier this year taking both as an HL. I ended up dropping Chem HL soon after that because I found it too challenging, but then again it was cause I moved schools and at my new school they were wayyy ahead.
In the end, it’s all about your strengths and which you enjoy more.
However, if you know what you want to study then make sure your subjects don’t restrict your choices of Universities later on.
Good luck!
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Fri Dec 29,2017 01:59 PM

I would have said all what @jana said but I strong recommend you take bio is a less heavy load for you

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