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Wed Dec 27,2017 01:51 PM

Hi, I've got kind of a problem, because I can't come up with the topic for my EE. At first i wanted to investigate the role of Lisbeth Salander as a protagonist in "the girl with the dragon tattoo" but I didn't know that I can't write about non-english literature. Do you have any advice how to find similar topic/ any books that would fit it? Or Just anything that would help me find the right topic?(maybe how you did that) Thank you for all your help!
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Wed Dec 27,2017 09:47 PM

English B EE should really be about the usage of language and linguistic analysis rather than psychological portrayals. Pick something that you thematically enjoy; if you want a crime novel maybe Agatha Christie or James Paterson, and compare how the “crime language” has changed over time… Or something like that :)

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