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Mon Dec 18,2017 11:27 PM

Hey guys! I’m a sophomore in high school and I’m going to be doing the IBDP next year. I’ve chosen the courses I’ll be taking throughout the next two years. How hard are these courses, how much is the workload, and what should I expect?

- IB English HL
- IB History HL
- IB Biology HL
- IB Math HL
- IB Spanish SL
- IB Physics SL
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Tue Dec 19,2017 01:19 AM

I take all of your HL subjects except math just expect a lot of homework, reading, and memorization and you should be fine
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Tue Dec 19,2017 04:11 AM

Idk if I’d take 4 HL’s that’s gonna be a lottt of work. Expect as the other person said a lot of work and memorizing.
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Tue Dec 19,2017 08:37 AM

What do you want to study? Take the 3 HL that fit that and leave the other one to SL
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Tue Dec 19,2017 01:08 PM

Don't take 4 HLs please, sometimes people before IB want to challenge themselves and all, but trust me IB the way it is it's challenging already. And even if you start and fine 4 HLs okay it will be harder for you during externals. So invest all your efforts in 3 HLS and aim high for them rather than scattering between 4 HLS and not scoring as well! Good luck xx
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Wed Dec 20,2017 04:08 PM

i do the same except math sl and chem sl instead of physics. three HLs is enough!!! very challenging as it is!! consider what you want to do with your life as the other people have said and choose wisely.
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Thu Dec 21,2017 11:36 PM

I suggest not to take 4 HLs, choose the subjects you need the most!

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