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Mon Dec 18,2017 02:27 AM

Hey friends! I will beginning the IB DP next year, and I want to know how much work it’ll be.

Also keep in mind IB Visual Art HL and Psychology HL aren’t that the difficult at my school.

IB English Language and Literature HL
IB German B SL
IB Psychology HL
IB Biology SL
IB Further Mathematics HL
IB Visual Arts HL

How much studying per day would you guess I’d have?

Also, I’m considering switching out for Philosophy SL and Film SL online. How much work would that be?

PS I am strongly interested in every subject I chose so I’d enjoy numerous hours studying.

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Mon Dec 18,2017 04:46 AM

Further mathematics HL is INSANE. Unless you are thinking of a career in math, I would personally advice against it. Even for someone who is passionate about math, HL mathematics would suffice. Biology SL is a good choice as long as you don’t want to go into science later because HL has basically double the amount of content, but SL over two years, there’s nothing that is really difficult to understand so you shouldn’t expect to spend too much time on it if you memorise well. Psychology HL is crazy crazy- there’s a new syllabus so I’m not sure but apparently it’s similar but getting stricter- personally I take SL psych and I still spend the most time on it- psychology HL has an extra paper and extra topic. Please please don’t take 4 HLs if you don’t need to- honestly I am trying to help you here. IB in general takes up so much time- if you want to aim for a 45 expect to make IB your entire life with small breaks in between- you can’t treat it as “hours of study” in a day if you want to do well. Based on your subjects it looks like a LOT of work but I’m sure you’re capable if you’ve chosen to do that. Best of luck :)
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Mon Dec 18,2017 09:25 AM

IB isn’t that difficult, the main problem is that you have to do a lot of stuff in a short period! I’m doing math HL as well (because the university I want to go to requires it) and it’s not that insane. Compared to math SL it’s way more difficult, but if you study 3 hours per weekend and a couple of hours during the week your on the right track! Hope I helped you a bit
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Wed Dec 20,2017 02:55 AM

Thank you! Those tips really helped

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