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Fri Dec 15,2017 02:07 PM

In all simplicity, is there any way to ensure/require that specifically some IA is moderated by the IB? There is a problem in one of my classes that we believe that the teacher is unfair in their judgement of a few students' IAs, and we've discussed the possibility that none of their IAs are sent out and therefore the IB doesn't observe the possible irregularities in assessment.

In frank, we would like to get the final word from IB on some IAs. Is there any way to make that happen?
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Fri Dec 15,2017 06:24 PM

I was told that the IB already casually takes 1 to 5 samples of your IAs and if they find all of them unjust they will raise your whole grade’s mark or vice versa. I would in any case talk to your teacher. It is strange that he gives you low marks since it is in his interest that you all succeed.
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Sat Dec 16,2017 01:16 AM

I’d raise this with your IB coordinator. I think once IB scores are out it is possible to request specific moderation
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Sat Dec 16,2017 04:16 PM

I’m pretty sure that the IB requires a sample size of IA scores to be sent out in order for them to be considered valid

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