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Wed Dec 13,2017 07:55 PM

I want to do my extended essay in Global politics, my main idea is doing it on globalization. All my research questions are too broad and I need help to make them aimed at a direct situation instead.
My main idea is:
-To what extent has globalization raised awareness of feminism (in a certain country?) (certain situation/conflict?)
- To what extent has globalization affected state sovereignty in (Catalonia, but that is too recent, any suggestions of another place?)
I would want to do something about “To what extent has globalization” but I just can’t think of anything specific. So help with that would really be appreciated!

Plus, if anyone has done an EE in Gpol, is it difficult to find information ?

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Thu Dec 14,2017 10:39 PM

Ok. Have you heard of the Gale Digital Library. If you go to the website and type Globalization, a bunch of primary sources pop up and you can filter what to look for too!
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Sat Dec 16,2017 01:34 AM

Perhaps look at one specific aspect of feminism. Feminism may be too broad. Wage gap? Parental leave ?

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