I need sleep
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Wed Dec 13,2017 07:31 AM

What are we even working towards? I’ve hit That point in the year where due dates are piling up and I’ve just lost my motivation. Anybody have any?
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Wed Dec 13,2017 09:00 AM

So that we can one day use the phrase “I survived IBDP”
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Wed Dec 13,2017 08:24 PM

My motivation is to prove my ib coordinator I can fucking do it
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Wed Dec 13,2017 08:34 PM

the only thing motivating me to keep going is the fact that quitting now would mean that I completely wasted one and a half years on this hellish programme
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Thu Dec 14,2017 09:59 AM

The thing that kept me going is just imagining looking at my friends who fought in IB until the last step and just thinking about the deep deep regret I’d feel, it’s just unbearable

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