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Sat Dec 9,2017 12:24 AM

I’m an IB year 1 student and I’m looking into studying PPE or something along the lines of social sciences. I was wondering whether the subject I choose for my EE will influence my university application.
The subject that would make the most sense would be history, as I could analyze both political and economical aspects of the past through philosophical thoughts, however statistics prove that it os harder to get an A for history than it is for English A.
I am good at english and writing. I love history but I’m aiming to get all 3 points for EE and TOK. What do you think?
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Mon Dec 11,2017 10:47 PM

Go with the history. I’m writing a history EE (as someone who is procrastinating the last little details on my EE by writing this). The amount of time you spend with this paper and the subject material is crazy. I can’t even think about the Foreign policy of FDR without cringing. I do not personally think an English A paper is easier than a history EE. As for university application, I’m from the US so I can’t speak to that but I do know people who have published their extended essay once they got to college and it has opened opportunities for them. I hope this helps!
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Thu Dec 14,2017 10:06 AM

EE will be such a help for university application, at least in Japan but I sugget you choose history if you really like it because the amount of time, money, and strength you’d have to dedicate for EE is super duper crazy. I wanted to choose history or English A for my EE because it’s a popular subject (15 out of 19 in my class chose those two subjects), however I was interested in the arts from the beginning so I chose to write about visual art even though I heard that it’s fairly hard to get an A. I didn’t regret it!

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